Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get Eye Popping Ready Made Logos Almost at No Cost

"Get Instant Access to 38 Eye-Popping, Ready-Made Logos You Can Use For Your Next Product or Business" Simply Choose a Logo, Customize And You're Done! Dear Friend, Designing logos is plain difficult. You need creativity and design skills. You would spend hours trying to even think about what colors to use. Who wants that? Would you rather spend your time on more important tasks in your business? Even if you were to get a professional logo designer to design your logo, it would cost you $30-$100 or more. Take a look at what oDesk is "typically" charging: I failed miserably trying to create my own logos. Your logo represents your brand so you want to make sure you have a professional-looking logo that symbolizes your business. I'm going to save you time and money because I've had 38 unique and original logos created by a professional designer that normally charges $99 per logo. Let me introduce to you... 123 Logo Kit! 123 Logo Kit contains 38 ready-made logos you can use for your next product or business! Inside you're going to receive logos in a wide variety of industries. Take a look: Take a Look at ALL The Logos You'll Receive When you get 123 Logo Kit today, you're going to get: 38 professionally-designed logos in 7 hot industries - Business, Fitness, Health, Money, Real Estate, Self improvement, Technology & Computers All in .PSD format - customize the texts quickly & easily in Photoshop. All logos are about 800 pixels wide - large enough for using on eCovers, websites, print shirts and more. All the fonts used in the logos are also included. Get Instant Access To 123 Logo Kit!
We both know that you wouldn't create and design each individual logo yourself. And you wouldn't spend hundreds getting a logo created. In fact, this product cost $1,579.00 to create. But you don't have to pay anywhere near that. You can grab 123 Logo Kit today for as little as $9.00!

Get instant access today:


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